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I am grateful for being able to have my  tree’s decorated, all the gifts wrapped and the baking done.  Christmas  is a week away.  But my heart breaks as I see people are struggling with incredible grief.  What a time to have to loose a father or a son, or brother.  How hard.   There are also struggles with addictions that are getting in the way of the family celebrations.  Another hard thing that affects more than just the addict.   I continue to lift these needs to God. 
As I  prepare, I am thankful for the son Jesus that was born that gives us hope.  Without Jesus we can not have any hope. But with Jesus we can do all things through God that strengthens us.  So I am praying for everyone to draw closer to God in this season and celebrate the gift that God has given us so we can have health and wholeness.  
Today I continue to read A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Dr. Henry W. Wright. As he talks about the healing that Jesus has done, he talks of the immune system that is compromised because of fear and anxiety coming out of a broken heart. When you have a compromise immune system, you automatically have allergies. Dr. Henry shares  a healing that Jesus has done as he has worked with a 60 year old woman who had progressive osteoporosis that was healed. Documentation was made in the medical community. The root for this woman was a broken heart when she was in her thirty’s. She has struggled with envy and jealousy coupled with bitterness coming out of a tragic circumstances in life. She was healed. This is what God did when she lined up with the principles and got rid of the spiritual roots that caused the problem. Wow
So this season I want to share the hope that there is in Jesus. Get to know him so you too can have peace, hope and healing.   God is so good.  

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