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The Measured Life

In the book that I am reading, slowly….”When God Interrupts” by M.Craig Barnes, he talks of even from day one, we are Measured. When a baby is first born, the baby is cleaned up and measured. Unfortunately we are Measured by the world’s standards. How much do we weigh? How tall are we? What is our career? How much money do we make? What kind of car do we drive?

Life is a gift. Barnes says, We have yet to develop a measurement for any of the things that were important to Jesus, like “loving God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength and loving our neighbors as ourselves.” (Mark 12:28-34) In light of eternity we have spent our lives being measured by the wrong standards.

So my thoughts go to being measured for things that are important to Jesus today. How am I doing? Am I loving like Jesus would want me to love? How do I love Jesus? For me it is giving my first (which I struggle with) to Jesus. It is so easy to get distracted. But this morning I chose to not go to the gym so I could spend time with God first. My attempt is to give him my first. Walking or exercises can come later. So if you were to be measured at things that are important to Jesus, how would you do?

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