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Today the weather kind of matches my mood and this reading. In WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, I read “In the economy of God, failure is not the opposite of success. It is breaking even with life. Failure is refusing to risk what will happen if we follow Jesus.”
Do we give Jesus our all? Are we ready to give everything else up?

“That is asking a lot. It is asking us to bet our lives on God’s nature to be graceful. And we know God’s grace often shows up after the cross.”. Today I feel like I have lost a lot: my best friend and mentor Linda, my dad, and good friends over the years dying.

“When we come before God, our situation is desperate. We are ready to start talking to God.” When I was first saved God gave me good friend, a better marriage and helped me become a better mom. I gave up willingly drinking and smoking. (Wasn’t that enough?)

“We are busy collecting whatever currency we value: relationships, achievements, money, health, being the pretty child or being the smart one – pennies to which we cling for our salvation. But no matter how many pennies we collect, we can’t save our lives.”

“The promise of the Bible is that he will indeed save our lives, but that may cost us everything that we hold dear.”. I didn’t realize that with a relationship with Jesus I would also lose those things I hold dear. So hard. But on the upside, those that have a relationship with Jesus I will see again. And it will be good.

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