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The Risk of Independence

In THE ROADLESS TRAVELED, Peck is talking about The Risk of Independence.   In order to be independent, a person needs to grow up. What does growing up have to do with Love?  When we go through changes it is because of self-love.  We go from what are parents might have wanted for us to go in the direction of what we want for ourselves.  Love for oneself provides the motive for such major changes; it also is the basis for the courage to risk them.  He ends this section with this statement “The highest forms of love are inevitalby totally free choices and not acts of conformity.”
It takes a while to figure out what you want to do in life. There are so many pulls of what “we should do” from family, parents, what is socially acceptable and what may just happen.  It does take courage to  step out and love yourself enough to find out what it is you really want in life.  What make you happy?  I have taken Networks Spiritual Gifts Class and reworked it to help  others figure out what God has designed them to do. How has God wired you?  It is what led me into this field that I am in of counseling.  I took my giftedness and made a career out of it.  So everyday I  work in the area that God has gifted me.  It is motivating and energizing.  I would be willing to do that for you to if you are interested.  Must message me.   God is so good.

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