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When Prayer Weeps

When Prayer Weeps Nancy DeMoss in The Quiet Place reflects on Luke 19:41 ” When he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it.” When Jesus looked over the city of Jerusalem, he saw people who had rejected God’s right to rule over their lives. His heart was broken over God’s mercy and Grace being rejected. He asks us to interceed over those that have rejected him. Can we see the world through Jesus eyes?

Good question. As a participater in this world, I see that usually people are searching for satisfaction and contentment. That is why they have hobbies, collect things, buy bigger and more. If they only realized that they are searching for what only God can give them. We are lonely people, looking for being heard and cared for. We are disappointed over and over again because our expections come from the wrong place.

I started to collect dolls. One summer I golfed 4-5 times a week. But then I heard from God. He told me to be content with what I had and where I was at. That was revelationary. As a response to that, I don’t get magazines. I don’t window shop or just see what is out there, I don’t spend hours and hours of meanlyless activities and I don’t go to the Parade of Homes. Those activities just seem to make me dissatisfied with what I have. And since I have stopped I have experienced a contentment.

What is my witness like? Do I connect with the world so I can show them Jesus? Do I share the things that Jesus is doing in my life? Do I see the possibilities in others as they experience their hard? Does my life point them to Jesus? I sure hope so. My heart breaks over those that do not believe that Jesus died for their sins. Join me as I cry for the loss souls and pray for them to believe.

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