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Not All Disease Has a Spiritual Root.


Today in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Dr. Henry W Wright, he is talking about Not All Disease Has a Spiritual Root. Pages 123 -126. Only 80% of disease that’s called incurable is rooted in the spiritual and that is according to medical science. (1983)
When you are obedient to God, you have psychological and biological health. The fruit of obedience is health. Disease follows relationship breakdown. 1) Separation from the Godhead. 2) Seperation from yourself.  ( Many people deal with self hatred.  3) Separation from others.  Healing begins with reconciliation.  If 80% of disease involves seperation then 80% of all healing begins with reconciliation to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, to your self and to others.
If you follow the thinking of Satan and his kingdom, he will bless you with the fruit of disobedience, whch is disease.  When you make Satan your lord in a certain area of your life, you force God to withdraw from that area of your life.  No peace produces dis-ease that leads to disease.
We have a choice of who we follow……What is your choice? 

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