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God Answers Prayers

This has been an incredible morning.  Yes, we were showered with snow but that is expected since we live in Michigan.   I am so grateful to God today.  Yesterday when we opened our mail and life returned back to the routine of life, I remember praying.  I prayed deliberately for three things.  I lost my keys before vacation.  Received a letter from the health department about a house we are working on for my mom, there may be issues with the drain field and the well.  I also was feeling stressed with relationships. So after I prayed, I found my keys.  The relationship was addressed and all is good. This morning Chuck called the health department and there is only minor issues on the well with no problem on the septic field.  Chuck and I are rejoicing.  God does answer prayers.
So if you are not a believer, think twice about that.  With God on your side things go so much smoother.   If you are a believer, use the power that you have with prayer.   He does answer.  He does call us to be obedient though so if you are deliberately not doing things God’s way, you might be saved but you loose the power of help in today’s kingdom.  Read his word and see that obedience does matter. God Bless you all.

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