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On this journey of being healthy:  mind, body & soul, I find even as a health professional, it is so difficult.  We are being taught through A MORE EXCELLENT WAY that our relationships are important.  We need to have good standings with your relationship with God, relationship with self and relationship with others.  My relationship with God is easy.  He is always there and he teaches me kindly as I go.  My relationship with myself is also easy.  I am grateful for who I am and really take care of myself.  It is that stinking relationship with others that seems to be so difficult.   Sometimes I think if we could just stay in a box all by ourselves that we could do it.  But God is all about relationships with others.  I teach about boundaries.  It is all about telling the truth and being true to yourself.   Practicing boundaries it is important to tell others the truth.  But what happens when you do and they continue to abuse and hurt you?  The goal is to protect yourself so that you do not sin.  If others push your buttons then distancing then has to happen.  But that is so sad, because you loose the relationship as God has intended it to be.   It may be you don’t respond to things that you have already put boundaries up for.  It may be that you have to block a phone number so you don’t receive texts or other messages.  It may be you unfriend someone on Facebook or other social media.  What ever you have to do so the offending person HAS to respect your wishes.
My goal is to  not have anger, bitterness, resentment or unforgiveness in my life toward God, myself & others.  If I can’t have contact with someone in order for that to happen then that has to be.  After I protect myself then I go to Jesus to work on my part.  “Forgive them, Lord, for they do not know what they do.”. As I go through this process, peace comes.  I am so grateful.  Thank you Jesus.  

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