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A Difficult Life

Second day camping.  It started off raining. It is really hard to shower and get dried off when it is so wet.  But finally it has stopped. It is still cloudy so my umbrella is going everywhere with me until I see the sun with no black clouds.    ….And the rain starts again.  Me, I sit under the tarp, drinking coffee at the picnic table saying dry.  
I started one of the books that Linda started reading before she passed, THE ROADLESS TRAVELED.  What do you think this book is about? I guess I would have thought it was taking the narrow gate.  But that is not what it is about.
The first chapter talks about life being difficult. M. Scott Peck talks about the discipline we need in order to solve our problems.  What makes life difficult is the process of confronting and solving problems. It is a painful process. It is through those problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.  Many will attempt to avoid this pain and that causes neuroses.
It is  necessary for the suffering and the value thereof, the need to face problems directly and to experience the pain involved. Discipline in the basic set of tools we requires to solve life’s problems.  To learn a way to work them through and solve them successfully, learning and growing in the process.
The disciplines are 1) delay of gratification, 2) acceptance of responsibility,  3) dedication to truth, and 4) balancing.  These are the tools which pain is confronted rather than be avoided. But we have to have the will to used them, with love.
It really doesn’t surprise me that this is the content of the book Linda read.  She participated in the hard so she could help others work thru the hard.  I believe God allows us to have the hard so we will grow and move closer to him.  I am looking forward to reading more.  

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