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Blessings Passed To Generation to Generation

To continue in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, Wright is talking about passing blessings or the loss of blessings to generation to generation.   How do you stop generational curse?  He says that you have to cleanse yourself.  In Deuteronomy 28 it clearly says that all disease is a curse.  If we do not believe this, we do not believe the Bible.  Wow!  He says 80 percent of the incurable disease has a spiritual root.  When we don’t deal with the spiritual root is why the Church has less then a 5 percent healing rate.
A sound mind comes from gaining knowledge from the Bible. James 5:14 has a condition to the healing. It says “go your way and sin no more.” What proceeds healing of disease?  Forgiveness of iniquities. Forgiveness….and then healing.
I am still working on this.  The freedom that comes from totally forgiving someone is incredible.  As I forgive I need to be careful that the thought….the offence…..the unforgiveness comes back.  When I see Satan “poking the bear”, I cast it out AGAIN.  As I do this then Satan will get tired and stop.  Another thing that I teach my clients is when I cast something out, send it out on Scripture. Satan hates to hear God’s Word.  If it is unforgiveness, Quote “forgive others as your Heavenly Father has forgiven you.” It works.

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