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Disobedience leads to consequenses

Today Dr. Henry W. Wright  in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY (pages 117 – 118)  asks, ” Why have people gone into captivity?” He shares that there is consequence to disobedience.   As long as we are sinning, hell has power over us.  Wow!  God says, My people are destroyed because you have rejected knowledge.  We have rejected God. He hasn’t rejected us but sin forces Him to withdraw until we are tired of following other gods.  Hosea 4:6. “He will also forget our children because of our following sin.  Wright teaches there is a connection between sin and disease.”  Very interesting.  
It is so freeing as I work through my bitterness and resentment.  It does take time as God reveals more things I need to bring before him to ask for forgiveness.  I am sleeping better.  I am not even taking anything.  I am feeling no heart burn and when a little creeps in I pray about it and God takes it away.  What a thought.   This is a great journey to be on.  

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