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Bundled Up

Nancy DeMoss shares in The Quiet Place that on Jewish Tomstones it will say “bundle in the bundle of life”. The idea is taking one’s valuables and prized possessions and wrapping them up in a bundle to keep them safe and protected, free from danger or damage. She relates that bundle of things to a life with Jesus bundled up in the life of the Lord. Whatever unsafe or uncomfortable conditions you find yourself living in, you still have a sure refugee and fortress if you are a child of God. God rewards those who are faithful to Him, while judging and ultimately destroying those who resisit Him. You are in a special place today, “bound in the bundle of life,” in the care of your eternal, ever-present Savior.

In my counseling practice Branch Counseling,  I understand completely that everyone has their hard. People don’t necessarily wear their hard on their sleeve or put it on Facebook or other social media. But the hard is there neverless. God says “there will be trouble”.

If you are a child of God, you have a special place that God cares for your soul all bundled up for eternity. You can be confident even in the hard, that God has got this. That comforts me.

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