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Morning Drive

Psalms 119:147, “I rise before Dawn and cry for help; I hope in your words.” Our goal each day is going live in conscious dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit. Psalms 5:3 says “in the morning you hear my voice.”.

It is so easy to think we can handle our own work, keep my home, handle my relationships, and deal with my circumstances just fine, all by myself. We don’t really need him. On those days, we ultimately end up having nothing of real value to show after a day spent make our own decisions and operating in our own strength.

Only by humbling ourselves and achnowledging that we can not make it with Him – that we need Him– can we count on His Divine enabling to carry us through the the day. Words of Morning Drive in The Quiet Place by Nancy DeMoss.

It is so easy to get your day started and not connect with God. We follow the rabbit trails and at the end of the day we find that we didn’t. So we we are intentional about connecting with God, usually in the morning before the rabbits come flying out way to chase, spend that time with God, reading his Words, and praying to him. I give him my day. I give him all my cares. I know that he has a plan because His Word says he does and I can trust him to guide and direct me through the day. He is so good all the time.

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