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Moving to Maturity

Moving to Maturity in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Dr. Henry W.  Wright, he quotes Hebrews 5 14, ” to them that are full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercized to discern both good and evil.” Are you able to address your thoughts? You have to ask “Is this really me? Is this  really how I think? Is this God’s nature in me? Or is it something other nature that has taught me?”
You have a choice to make.  You hold the law of God in one hand and the law of sin in the other.  When someone comes against you, you choose to either repay evil with evil, or repay evil with good.  God calls us to forgive or we can repay evil with evil.  It is a choice.
I heard so many people in my profession, share the troubles that they are hanging on too. Things that have happened years ago.  I mean years and years ago.  They have never forgiven. They have never let it go and given it to God.  Those people are not very fun to be around.  They are negative and bitter.  They are full of hate and it just spews out.  It is crazy. It is not only giving them a bad attitude but it is making them sick.   That is not the way we are. We have choices on how we can be.   

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