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Invest Your Life

Invest Your LIfe in The Quiet Place, Nancy DeMoss shares another nugget her father passed on to her. Psalm 90:12 says “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” Her dad says ‘Don’t spend your life – invest it.’   Do we squander our life on things that do not matter? How many idle pursuit do we have that bring no glory to God? Interesting questions.
I remember a story about our little stories vs God’s story. We spend all of our time, often just following the rabbit trails, going from one thing to another that the world forces us out follow. Then we have God’s story. If we are followers of God, we need to know him. We need to know what his passion is. We are challanged to try to be like Jesus. God’s purpose is that everyone should be saved. If we are intentional about our relationship with Jesus we will do what he did. Everything should revolve around people’s coming to know Jesus. I love having a balanced life. I try to be as structured as God allows me to. I know that for me if I don’t do the things that are important to me first thing, usually it doesn’t happen. So in the morning I exercize which right now means walking with my daughter, Spending time with God which right now I am in the devotional The Quiet Place and praying, get showered and ready for the day and eat breakfast. During my prayer time, I write things down I feel God is impressing me to work on. So during the day I will see my clients that are scheduled and work on the other things that I have on my list.
I must admit to you that I do play games on my phone. I do that in the morning a bit and at night. My thought is to keep my mind sharp. I also spend time watching TV with my husband. He loves TV. So I try to watch things that we both like. I love a good story. Spending time with my husband is important. I try to connect with friends. I try to connect a couple of times a week with others. Right now I am golfing, riding bikes and swimming. I use those as venues to connect with others but at the same time have relaxation in my life. As I am working, and relaxing my whole thought process it to touch others for Jesus. It really motivates me when I see others move closer to God. That is energizing to me. 
Nancy askes us, How much of our typical dad is frittered away with activities or interests that don’t really matter in the long run?   Good Question.

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