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Key Root of Bitterness….

I am looking at the key roots behind disease that are: bitterness, accusation, occultism, envy and jalousy, rejection, unloving spirits, addictions and fear in the book A MORE EXCELLENT WAY. Today I am focusing on Bitterness. By holding on to bitterness, you are telling Good he is not needed in this situation. You are being God.

God’s Word states that unless we forgive those who trespassing against us, Good Will not forgive us our sins (Matthew 6:15 & Mark 11:26) That is why bitterness needs to be eliminated first.

In my office I see many people hang on to their bitterness. They get triggered over and over and it causes sickness in thier soul and thier body. They do not realize what it is doing to them. On fortunately it doesn’t hurt the person you have aught against but it does really hurt you. Take your bitterness to God and experience the peace that only God can give.

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