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Pathways to Spiritual Wholeness

Pathways to Spiritual Wholeness in A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Henry W. Wight is the reading I am doing this morning.  In order for us to walk in freedom, victory and health, we must first be able to discern what is good from what is evil.  Our difinitions of good and evil, – what is sin and what is not however- may have to be expanded. We need to actively choose to be a partaker of God’s kingdom in Christ and removing the presence of evil from our lives.  This the Bible calls sanctification.
What is blocking our paths? Bad fruit may be ungodly belief systems, negative programming, stinking thinkin’ and a lack of proper discernment. These things separate us from heathy relationship with God, ourselves and others.    While the process of sanctification will bring us closer to God, Satan has a master plan to decieve us and confuse us which seperates us from God.  We have to have the full armour on and the lines clearly drawn, so we can be on our way to victory.

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