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Spiritual Inventory of Your Fear

Dr. Henry W. Wright ask in this section, Wholeness -Insights into Healing and Prevention of Disease, A MORE EXCELLENT WAY, “Are you able to do a spiritual inventory of your personality without fear?”  Good Question.  The God of peace sanctifies you wholly.  Sanctification means holiness.  So this statement means the very God of peace sanctifies you to make you wholly which means whole.  We are talking about wholeness in spirit, soul and body.  We can be healed. 
80 percent of all disease has its original in the spiritual level.  The wrong way of thinking triggers the body to respond into disease.  Wow!  When we allow fear to overtake us, we are giving permission to Satan to work in our lives.  God’s Word tells us to not fear; to give our worries to God.  Satan wants us to disobey God’s Word.   God tells us to not fear.  No, maybe you are not murdering or stealing but you are disobeying God’s Word.  Anytime we disobey God’s Word we are letting Satan in the door.  I am sure most people do not realize this.  Why? Maybe be cause they do not know God’s Word.  Fear is one of the root causes of disease.  
Dr. Henry W. Wright says that high blood pressure comes out of disobedience to God’s Word.   The medical field say hypertension is a stress disorder and the prescribe med’s.  They don’t give you tools to handle your stress.


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