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The Gifts of the Spirit

Today I read Chapter 6 the Gifts of the Spirit.   There are three dimensions of healing : 1) the healing of body tissue is the gift of miracles.  2)  the regeneration of body tissue is the gift of healing and 3)  the removal of things alien to us spritually is the discerning of spirits.
The body of Christ is suppose to take care of the body.  We need people of God, who are anointed by God, raised up by God according to the Word of God, filled with the Spirit of God to do  the works of God, to edify the body of Christ and bring them back to healthy and sanity. We need to be equipt.
My spiritual gifts are mercy, faith, shepparding, encouragement and evangelism. But I could join with others that have the gift of healing, discernment, & gift of miracles.  It would be great to be able to offer this ministry to those that need healing so they too can be free.   It will be fun to watch God work here.  What is he doing?   

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