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Who is your Luke?

As I work on today’s study, Paul is talking about all that has deserted him.   He calls it heartbreaking.   Beth also  talks of holding grudges. When someone has wronged you, or they have left the ministry but later comes back.  When they come back are we able to welcome them back? Or do we hold grudges?  Beth says that we are advanced in our maturity when we resist equating our loved ones acceptance of someone who hurt us as a rejection of us.  So true.  Something I personally need to work on.
In the midst of desertion, Beth ends the day’s  study talking about the one that was there. “Only Luke is with me.” When you are deserted or forgotten, who is it that sticks with you?  Yes, there are still some that are with me.  
I think of the last 7 years, I have lost many friends to death: Colleen (over 22), Myrtle, Aunt Pat, Mary, Luanne, Linda S., my dad, Jamie, and my friend, mentor, peer Linda. Then there are those that have walked away from a friendship. So sad.  Then there are those that really don’t know how to be a friend. There really needs to be a connection that is close enough that you KNOW when something is happening. When someone give you a branch do you follow it?  Or do you just let it fall to the ground forgotten?       
But Beth shares that Luke was still there. Throughout Paul’s story, you will see that Luke is mentioned here and there.  “Luke is with me”.          
As I think of my Luke’s, I think of my grown daughters. They have turned from my children to my friends.  I am grateful.      Who are your Luke’s?  

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