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Debbie's blog!   Yes, I am doing this.  It seems to be the thing to do now.  How fun!

I'll share the books I've been reading, reflections that have helped me through different aspects of my life.  I hope that you will find something that you can use in your life and may also enjoy these books.

When He Became a She

April 28, 2017

Great article When he became a she – walking in love

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Just Show Up

April 27, 2017

Just Show Up. In “When God Interrupts” Barnes talks about the most important thing we do is to show up. We are responsible to show up with a vision of what God is doing in the world. Right now, I am sitting in my chair, drinking my “special” coffee, reading a bit from “When God…

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Trusting in the Journey

April 15, 2017

As I continue steeped in grief of the loss of my cousin, my friend, Barnes says in WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, he talks of the long journey with God being really important. We have to learn how to trust God and the journey is hard. We find ourselves twenty miles south of where we thought we…

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Getting Back on Track

April 7, 2017

It is so hard to get back on track after you have been gone. There is lots to do but I am getting there. Continuing my reading WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, Finding New Life Through Unwanted Change by M.Craig Barnes. He starts of this section by talking about when life is disappointing. He says that often…

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Continuing When God Interrupts

April 5, 2017

Still reading the book by M. Craig Barnes, WHEN GOD INTERRUPTS, A Place You’d Rather Not Go. The danger of loving Jesus is that it is really tempting to help others recover their well-ordered lives. When they are in crises that might be exactly where God wants them. It is always tempting to return to something…

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God Interrupts Continues

April 4, 2017

Continuing to read “When God Interrupts, Barnes states, ” If we are convinced that it is God who has interrupted our lives, then we can keep our sanity. I have found that the human spirit can withstand almost any tragedy, if we can make sense of it or at least believe that God is in…

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God Interrupts Barnes says

March 30, 2017

I am reading “When God Interrupts, Barnes talks about being born again. He talks about losing everything but the Savior.. Eventually, I would have to give them back to the Creator. To be born again is to discover ourselves as infants in the gracious arms of God. There is noting we can do to make…

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March 25, 2017

                I am in Paradise. Reading about abandonment. He writes, ” I know about abandonment. I know that you never really get over it. I also know it can force changes that you think will kill you, but in fact they save your life.” “That is the great…

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Be an Includer

March 19, 2017

Yes it is…. A way to make a difference and help daughter’s of all ages to feel included. Be an ” includer”. I like that. God calls us to use our hurts to help and empathize with others. RAISING GIRLS WHO ARE “INCLUDERS” INSTEAD OF “MEAN GIRLS”

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